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The Scammer Almost Lied To Them 8,000 Rupees.

A brand shared how they were almost scammed for ₹ 8,000,hoping that their story would help other small businesses avoid such scams. Awktopus describes itself as a “local brand with a large number of happy goods from two embarrassing brothers”and earlier this month shared an Instagram Reels video describing how an online scammer nearly scammed them out of $8,000 and they How to try to win with wisdom. at the end. His video shave been viewed more than 3.3 million times on photo and video sharing platforms.

Awktopus shared a bunch of screenshots detailing his interaction with the crooks. From the screenshots, it appears that the scammer used the Instagram identifier “shoppingcart117” to purchase goods worth 858 rupees from the brand. The brand asked him to transfer and share screenshots of the transaction.

The Scammer then, at that point probably sent them ₹ 8,858 and courteously mentioned them to return the extra ₹ 8,000 he sent accidentally.

“Sorry mem syd jyada amount pay ho gya h aapko (Sorry ma’am, I sent you some additional cash),” he composed, mentioning the brand delegate to return ₹ 8,000.

The Scammer’s stunt would have worked, yet for the ingenuity of the brand. Awktopus saw that rather than really moving ₹ 8,858 and sharing a screen capture of the exchange, the man had just composed the sum out as text and sent them a screen capture of that.

Had they really ‘returned’ the sum he had requested, they would have been cheated out of ₹ 8,000. Fortunately, the brand saw this not entirely obvious detail and chose to give the con artist a painful but necessary consequence.

“Blow for blow,” they composed while sharing a pic which shows they, as well, basically composed “Paid ₹ 8,000” and shared a screen capture of that.

“Two or three days back, somebody attempted to trick us. Fortunately we didn’t wind up getting bulldozed. Be that as it may, in case we weren’t adequately ready, we’d have wound up losing about 8k!!” Awktopus composed while sharing the video. “Kindly offer it with other entrepreneurs so they could be more careful and mindful of such Scammers.”

The video has been viewed more than 3.3 million times on Instagram. Many people on the platform thanked the brand for its increased visibility, while others expressed shock at the rapid change in the behavior of the scammers after their stunts were announced. Although he was too polite before, once he realized that he had been misled, he began to abuse the brand.

“I will be scammed for sure. Thank you for your reminder,” one Instagram user wrote.

“My God Ah. Then he was insulting,” another commented. “It’s sad. They even abused it,” said a third person.

Several other people said that they were also misled in this way. “The same happened to us. They think small businesses can be easily fooled,” commented an Instagram user.

“This happened to me several times. During the crash, for some reason, the payment showed up in my wallet/account later. Since I had consecutive appointments, I quickly accepted the appointments. We spent a lot of time providing Our service, if this situation changes, it’s really painful,” a consultant wrote.

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