(Last Updated On: January 31, 2019)

Ronish Baxter Institute is providing the photography training and internship for the following photography streams. According to Ronish Baxter, the MD of Ronish Baxter Institute of Photography tells about various forms of photography:

  • Feature Photography– Displaying a story through pictures is feature photography. The photographer should have full knowledge of the subject in this field. In feature photography, the photographer tells the whole story of the subject through pictures. Their work and topics continue to change. According to Ronish Baxter, Areas of feature photography are wildlife, sports, travelogue and environment etc. Feature photographers can also work with a reporter and can work independently.


  • Fashion and Glamour Photography – A career in fashion and glamour photography is emerging fast in the country. This area is the best in both creative and earning forms. There is tremendous potential for fashion designers, where they can have their talent iron. The esteemed institute of Ronish Baxter is helping to provide efficient photographer and manpower for advertising agency and fashion studio, usually for fashion photographer fashion houses, designers, fashion journals and newspapers, and to create models of models, film actresses.

  • Portrait or Wedding Photography – These photographers work in the studio and are expert in taking photographs of the group or person special. Portrait subjects can be anything like pet animals, children, family, marriage, home events and games etc. Today the demand for portrait photographer is increasing constantly. Generally, celebrities, cine artists hold personal photographers with themselves. Ronish Baxter institute is putting great efforts to fulfill such demands.


  • Editorial Photography– Their job is usually to create a photo for the magazine and periodicals. Most auditoria photographers work independently. Editorial photographers make photos on the subject of article or report. Their area varies according to the report or article.


  • Advertising Photography – The photography institute of Ronish Baxter provides the training to the photographers to work for advertising agency, studio or freelance. Most advertisers work for photographer catalogs while some studios work for mail order. Advertising photographer’s job is most challenging in all of the above.


  • Commercial or Industrial Photography – Their job is to make photographs of factories, machines, and accessories for the company’s brochure, report, and advertisement. The commercial photographer is permanent for any firm or company. Ronish Baxter main objective for commercial photographer is to show the company’s product and services better in the market.


  • Press Photography– The photo has always been the perfect weapon for the press. A press photographer is also known as Photo Journalist. Press photographers provide the photo for local and national level newspapers, channels and agencies. Their area is varied. His mind is as sharp and vicious as a journalist. They have the ability to capture as many photos as possible in less time. Ronish Baxter gives training to become successful press photographer so that they can have a good understanding of the news, the art of writing photo titles and the art of making photos in every situation.

Nowadays digital photography is increasing, and it has also become expertise. Areas of expertise require special knowledge of photojournalists, fashion photographer, wildlife photographer, microphotography, nature photographer, portrait photography, film photography, industrial photography, product photography, travel and tourism photography, editorial photography and glamour photography. Can apply by Email to rb@ronishbaxter.com

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