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The current Punjab selection is everyone’s cup of tea. But the 2015 Da Vinci Code investigation, AAP’s statement on the nominee CM, and Amarinder Singh’s next move – all expected in November – could determine how the poll falters.

Punjab is an election that no one has yet been able to hold. It’s a fierce battle with rapidly changing conditions inside Congress, Aam Aadmi’s forthcoming party, Shiromani veteran rival Akali Dahl and seemingly dead but not outside the BJP. However, three events expected in November could determine the course of Punjab’s elections.

The highlight was the Special Investigation Team (SIT), which completed their investigation into the 2015 blasphemy of Faridkot and the dismissal of the police. The six-month deadline set by the Supreme Court expires in early November. At about the same time, the Supreme Court is expected to open the lid on a drug investigation that ended more than two years ago. It is not surprising that Navjot Singh Sidhu mentioned these two points at the beginning of his letter to Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Sunday.

Will this lead to arrest and action against Badal’s family? Congress has long promised this, but Badal people call it “political retaliation.”

Punjab Elections

Political views in Punjab are divided over whether Sukhir Singh Badal, Prime Minister of Akali Dal, will win sympathy from voters if action is taken against him in this case. His party desperately needed a political hook to start its campaign, which was repeatedly stymied by the peasants. Congress believes such actions will revive the fortunes of the great old party before the general election.

“The firing of priests and police is the biggest emotional problem in Punjab. This led to Parkash Singh Badal’s loss of power in the 2017 elections. If Badal were removed now, the people would reunite behind Congress despite being anti-holders. So action in drug case will help…” a prominent Punjab Congress leader told News Agencies.

AAP selection

The second major event that could affect the Punjab election is the announcement of the face of the party SM by AAP leader Arvind Keirival. He promised the candidate is a Sikh from Punjab and the announcement is expected after Diwali in November.

Punjab Elections

This could be game-changing for the AAP and the man could be a strong player in the Punjab race, with the party already having some momentum after backing the peasant cause. More than half a dozen names such as actor Sonu Sud have been speculated. If a farmer leader is chosen to be the face of the CM, this could further contribute to AAP’s appeal to voters.

Captain’s reputation

A third major event could be the next step by Captain Amarinder Singh, who is also expected in November. Singh’s 79-year-old warhorse had some smart moves in this election, with his one-point program undermining Congress.

Punjab Elections

Disgraced by the way he was ousted as an SM, Singh is determined to undermine Navyot Singh Sidhu’s bete noir political capital and can, with tacit support from the BJP, pay for regional outfits, a candidate against Sidhu and his Keys can place a lieutenant. . Singh’s approach to BJP leaders and his position on issues such as expanding the BSF’s jurisdiction could undermine his trust among farmers and residents.

Joker in the pack

The wild card in the pack, meanwhile, is Congress’ ability to stick together until the election and not risk further discord. A key factor in achieving this goal was Sonia Gandhi, who had made it clear that she would preside over the affairs of the Congress while Punjab went to the polls.

Since Captain Amarinder Singh came out cold after his dismissal as SM, Sonia Gandhi would directly control the political campaign in Punjab and send messages to voters. He also explained Punjab’s big question that three agricultural laws should be repealed. Loner and unpredictable as he is, Navjot Singh Sidhu is the strongest player in the Punjab Congress that the party cannot lose.

Punjab Elections

Congress won the 2017 election with two people campaigning – Amarinder Singh and Navjot Sidhu. After Amarinder left, Sidhu was already the face of the election campaign, and the staunch mob shooter showed his aggressive stance on badals and issues such as substance abuse and blasphemy. However, Sidhus’ demands to remove DGP and AG have not been accepted.

In the midst of all this, Chief Minister Charangit Singh Chani was secretly working on the Punjab Congress program and was shot in the arm after driving Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to Lahimpur. Even Rahul Gandhi praised him at the recent CWC meeting, saying that such people should be put to death. In the end, Channy could be the real “king”.

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