(Last Updated On: January 9, 2016)

The 19-year-old grandson of a prominent Oregon novelist pleaded no contest today in Clackamas County Circuit Court to charges he sexually abused a woman and assaulted two men during a party at his Tualatin home in March.

Skylar Ray Auel was scheduled for trial today but reached a last-minute agreement with prosecutors, and was found guilty of one count of sexual abuse and two counts of assault. In exchange for Auel’s plea, the other charges against him — one count of rape and two counts of furnishing liquor to a minor — will be dismissed when he is sentenced on Friday.

Auel is the grandson of Jean Auel, the author of the well-known “Earth’s Children” series.

According to court documents, both Skylar Auel and his 19-year-old female victim were drunk when he forced himself on her. In a later conversation with one of the woman’s friends, he said, “Why is she freaking out? I asked her like eight times, she said she wanted it,” the papers recount.

By Anupama

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