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Akanksha Kumari is a graduate of BIT Sindri.

Akanksha Kumari has become the first female mining engineer in the history of Coal of India to work in an underground mine. Ms. Kumari wrote this story by joining Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) at its Churi underground mine in the Karanpura area of ​​northern Jharkhand. In a tweet shared on Tuesday, Central Coalfields Limited, a subsidiary of Coal India, stated that Akanksha Kumari became the first female mining engineer to join CCL.

“As a graduate of BIT Sindri, Ms. Kumari joined the Churi UG mining area in the NK area and broke the gender barrier. She became the first female mining engineer in CIL history to work underground,” it wrote in a tweet.

In a statement issued by the Bihar Press and Information Office, Central Coalfields stated that its female employees have performed well in a variety of roles, from military officers to doctors, security guards, and even operating heavy machinery. However, this is “the main mining activity of one of the world’s largest coal mining companies will witness this gradual change for the first time.”

The statement read: “Akanksha is the second mining engineer of the Maharatna Coal India Limited corporate group and the first woman to work in an underground coal mine. This fact can be a measure of the magnitude of her achievements.”

Pralhad Joshi, Minister of Coal, Minerals and Parliamentary Affairs Union, congratulated Ms. Kumari on her achievements.

The three-time BJP MP PC Mohan called it a milestone moment for gender representation.

The official Twitter account of the Ministry of Coal also congratulated the engineer and wrote: “You have inspired many women.”

Akanksha Kumari is a resident of Barkagaon, Hazari Bagh District, Jharkhand. She belongs to the mining belt and has witnessed mining activities closely since she was a child. Because of his natural interest in mining, he chose to study mining engineering in Sindri, Birsa Institute of Technology.

Ms. Kumari said that she received unwavering support from her family, which enabled her to pursue her dreams.

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