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IND vs NZ: Shreyas Iyer, who got his first fight against legendary batter Sunil Gavaskar according to records, was the 16th Indian fighter to come into his fight for the first time in 100 years.

The national football game was a success, not to mention 100 years of debut. India striker Shreyas Iyer, who made his experimental debut in the regular Kanpur Test against New Zealand, recorded his first-year test in the game’s longest form on his team debut on Friday.

After a steady start, Iyer continued with a good cut, helping India recover from a tough incident against the Kiwi on day one.

Iyer hit 105 of 171 balls in India’s first inning, hitting 13 limits and 2 6s. His performance helped India collect a total of 345 in one game at Green Park Stadium.

Receiving his first try from professional badminton player Sunil Gavaskar, according to records, Iyer is the 16th Indian athlete to make his debut in 100 years.

List of Indian players who scored centuries off their pre-test score:

Batsman                                Score           Opposition

1. Lala Amarnath                       118                 England (1933)
2. Deepak Shodan                     110                 Pakistan (1952)
3. AG Kripal Singh                    100*              New Zealand (1955)
4. Abbas Ali Baig                       112                 England (1959)
5. Hanumant Singh                  105                England (1964)
6. Gundappa Viswanath          137                 Australia (1969)
7. Surinder Amarnath              124                New Zealand (1976)
8. Mohammad Azharuddin    110                 England (1984)
9. Pravin Amre                          103                South Africa (1992)
10. Sourav Ganguly                  131                 England (1996)
11. Virender Sehwag                 105                South Africa (2001)
12. Suresh Raina                       120                Sri Lanka (2010)
13. Shikhar Dhawan                 187                Australia (2013)
14. Rohit Sharma                      127                West Indies (2013)
15. Prithvi Shaw                        134                West Indies (2018)
16. Shreyas Iyer                        105                 New Zealand (2021)

After winning the round of 16, Indian reserve player Ajinkya Rahane took the lead against the Blackcaps led by Kane Williamson.

In the 2nd century and in the middle of the century between Shubman Gill and Ravindra Jadeja, India had 345 points in the first round.

On the pitch, New Zealand won 72/0 on matchday two.

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