(Last Updated On: July 23, 2021)

Previous Pakistan quick bowler Shoaib Akhtar has believed that it is too soon to contrast Babar Azam and his Indian partner Virat Kohli.

As indicated by Akhtar, while Babar Azam has the characteristics to turn into an extraordinary, he actually has some best approach and needs to stay steady throughout a more drawn out timeframe like Kohli.

Of late, numerous pundits and fans have drawn examinations between Babar Azam and Kohli. Nonetheless, talking with Someone, Akhtar said about Pakistan’s present captain:

“Babar Azam is having the advantage of playing in a period where there is a shortage of quick bowlers. Also, he is on the ascent. Be that as it may, contrasting him and Virat Kohli‚Ķ let him get 20,000 or 30,000 runs first, as Virat Kohli has done. And afterward, we should begin

He, nonetheless, conceded that Babar Azam has shown colossal improvement in his batting over the most recent couple of years and is certainly on the way of significance. Akhtar added about the 26-year-old:

“His opportunity will come and he is learning the little-known techniques. He was kept out of the one-day group prior yet he worked on his game and turned into a decent ODI player. Many didn’t think of him as a decent T20 player. Presently he is doing very well in that configuration also.”

Adulating Kohli, the Rawalpindi Express added that the Indian commander has buckled down on his game, which is the reason he is the place where he is today.

“Everything can’t change in a day. Virat Kohli was a nobody back in 2009-10. He became something. He has switched his gear, sped up his game and has dealt with his constitution. He merits all the recognition.”

Babar Azam versus Virat Kohli: What the details say up until this point

Babar Azam has so far included in 33 Tests, 83 ODIs, and 57 T20Is and has scored 8300 global runs. He midpoints 42.5 in Tests, 56.9 in ODIs, and 46.8 in T20Is.

Then again, Kohli has played 92 Tests, 254 ODIs, and 90 T20Is and has amassed more than 22,000 runs in global cricket.

The Indian chief is the lone player to average more than 50 in every one of the three organizations of the game.


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