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Facebook Scam: Spams have been posted on Facebook. This message comes from the title of ‘Its you in the video’. There are also links, which can be problematic if you click on them.

If you are a Facebook user, this information is very important to you. In fact, again, the spam messages spread to Facebook.

This post comes from the title of ‘Its you in the video’. There are also links, which can be problematic if you click on them. People get this message all the time. We will tell you what this game is and how to avoid it.

Facebook Scam

It’s A Game

Indeed, a few days ago, many Facebook users received messages. It says ‘Its you in the video’. Users can now click on this link to find out which video they are joining. A new tab will then open in front of them, asking you to enter your Facebook username and password. This is where things get scary.

In fact, it can allow your login and password information to be sent to hackers and you might fall for their tools. It has happened to a lot of people.

The Facebook Company Did Not Send This Message

Please note that Facebook is not sending this message and your friends still do not know it. Indeed, if you enter by clicking on the link provided in this message, this message will be sent to all of your friends.

What danger

Falling into the trap of these spam messages can lead to many types of losses.

1. If you log in after clicking this link, your phone will be Hacked.

2. It will cause you to lose control of the phone. After that, a hacker can blackmail you.

3. Additionally, if your phone is hacked, hackers can steal your banking and social media data.

4. Clicking on these links can spread the virus to your phone.

Facebook Scam

keep them in mind

1. To avoid this scam, you must follow the instructions below.

2. Don’t make friends with people you don’t know on Facebook.

3. Even if you do, don’t click on the link they send you.

4. Log in to Facebook using two-factor authentication.

5. Even if you accidentally click on the link, do not provide your username and password when prompted.

6. It could be that a friend or acquaintance clicked on the “Its you in the video” link and you received a message because of it. Do not click on the link because a friend sent it to you in this situation.

7. Keep a good antivirus app on your phone and keep your cell phone up to date.

8. If HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is not secure in the site address bar, it means it is a bogus site. Exit the website immediately.


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