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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2018)

According to Ajay Ahlawat, Sanyal not only dropped names in CBDT but also said he knew senior government officials, MPs and was closely associated with RSS think tanks. The girl, according to Delhi police officers, had sent several messages to Ajay Ahlawat asking him to rescue her.

Ex-Army official who finds himself in the middle of a scandal that has set Delhi power circles abuzz has admitted approaching technology consultant PN Sanyal — currently in custody over charges of running a sex racket — seeking his help on behalf of a friend employed in Income-Tax department. Ajay Ahlawat, a retired Army colonel, who is better known as ‘Ally’ in Delhi’s social circuit told ET, “I met Sanyal for the first time 45 days back to seek favours for a posting in Gurgaon in Income-Tax.”

Elaborating further, Ajay Ahlawat told ET that he was keen on arranging a transfer of a friend.

“It was only for the posting at I-T that I was in touch with Sanyal after we met at a party. Sanyal boasted that he had very good contacts in Income-Tax and even told me that he has recently fixed the appointment of a senior level official.”

Sanyal, who was raided by I-T department on July 2, was found in possession of letter heads of two Member of Parliament, Naresh Agarwal (SP) and Jagdambika Pal (BJP). A senior Delhi police officer, who did not wish to be identified, told ET that they have found evidence to establish that Sanyal was ‘fixing appointments’ in the Income-Tax department.

A 23-year-old Russian woman was also in Sanyal’s residence during the raid on July 2 and it was her presence that triggerred the police investigation of the alleged sex racket. She allegedly told the police that Ahlawat had introduced her to Sanyal. In its initial probe, the police has claimed that she had been confined against her will.

Ajay Ahlawat, a fifth generation army officer, did not deny this association but denied any impropriety in the relationship. “I know the girl since last year after she came to my polo club at Sariska for horse riding. She found my contacts from the Facebook. She met Sanyal at a social gathering where I was also present but they exchanged their contacts as two adults and I had no role.”

ET was the first to report the I-T raid at Sanyal’s Safdarjung Enclave house in its July 15 edition. Sanyal, said to be an informer for the tax department, allegedly had contacts with top officers, including CBDT chief Atulesh Jindal. An IRS officer of 1978 batch, Jindal had denied knowing Sanyal. “May be he is an impostor, I don’t know. I can’t comment on this,” Jindal had told ET.

“We are still probing the role of Ahlawat and don’t rule out any possibility,” said an officer heading the investigations. Delhi police has also submitted a report to Parliament and the Home Ministry after letter heads of two MPs were recovered during the raids.

Ajay Ahlawat for his part denied that there were any pending cases against him as claimed by Delhi police in a press statement. “These cases were related to property disputes and I have complained to home minister,” said Ajay Ahlawat.

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