(Last Updated On: January 6, 2016)

NEW DELHI: Consumers waiting to choose a long distance operator, while making an ISD or STD call from either a fixed or mobile phone, are in for heartbreak. Reason: Telecom firms are reluctant to invest in new technology that makes this possible, despite a three-year old directive from Trai.

According to D Seth, member, Trai, a series of meetings with operators have been held over the past few days to evaluate their positions to implement the Trai’s Carrier Access Code (CAC) ruling of 2002. Simply put, CAC is a mechanism which enables consumers to choose their STD/ISD operator.

Unlike several foreign countries where consumers get to choose the domestic and international long distance carrier, Indian consumers have never had this facility. Instead, its the mobile or fixed line operator who decides on their behalf.

While Trai is attempting to break the resistance from operators, the effective or quick implementation of the CAC appears bleak on several fronts. For one, telecom operators who need to carry out such alterations do not have the incentive to do so.




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