Xi honours battalion posted near Arunachal

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(Last Updated On: August 22, 2016)

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday bestowed special honours on a PLA battalion posted in Tibet close to Arunachal Pradesh for its “outstanding performance in safeguarding borders”.

Mr. Xi, who heads the Central Military Commission (CMC), signed orders to give honorary titles, Xinhua news agency reported. “Troop 77656 is now titled as a ‘model plateau battalion’ for its outstanding performance in safeguarding borders, ensuring stability and helping disaster relief,” the report quoted a statement as saying.

While the news report has not identified the battalion, Indian defence officials and strategic think-tanks have said it is Gangba 2nd Independent Battalion. It is based in Shigatse City, Gangba County in Tibet, close to Arunachal Pradesh, and is one of the six battalions functioning under the Tibet Military Area Command, said official sources.

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