tamil nadu police brutally attacking on zomato delivery boy
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Video of Tamil Nadu police beating a Zomato delivery man has spread on social media. Police said the delivery man was holding a knife and threatened the officer.

Video footage has surfaced of the Tamil Nadu police assault on Zomato delivery man. The incident took place in Srivilliputhur in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu.

Zomato delivery man Venkatesh has been accused of public thrashed by traffic Sub inspector Dharmaraj. The incident was recorded by viewers and the videos were viral.

tamil nadu police brutally attacking on zomato delivery boy

In the video, Venkatesh holds Dharmaraj on his shoulder, and Dharmaraj immediately begins attacking and mistreating Venkatesh. Police have filed a complaint against Venkatesh, who is accused of pulled out a knife and threatening police.

However, the video shows Venkatesh and the police in Dharmaraj arguing over more than 600 rupees fine. Venkatesh was fined for not having the necessary vehicle documents records.

Worried passers-by even asked Dharmaraj not to attack Venkatesh, but he didn’t stop. Eventually several other officers intervened and Venkatesh is seen being taken to the police.

Srivilliputhur police alleged that Venkatesh threatened Dharmaraj with a knife and drafted documents under sections 294 (b), 353, 307 and 506 (2).

Video of Dharmaraj assaulting Venkatesh has now viral spread, with many criticizing police for the assault.

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