Things go better with a forest, says this family

(Last Updated On: August 11, 2016)

It is a plan to return Plachimada – at least a part of it – back to nature.

A woman and her two daughters have donated 2.5 acres out of seven acres of farm land, to create a natural forest in an area that has suffered severe environmental distress.With the ‘compensatory’ forest, the family hopes to replenish parched wetlands in the arid region. It will also help irrigate vast stretches of paddy fields. The forest will come up at Vilayodi under the Plachimada grama panchayat, well-known for the protest against a Coca-Cola plant over water use.

Sulochana, who came up with the ‘return to nature’ programme along with her daughters, said the land would be transformed in five years with help from Puducherry’s Auroville Foundation and Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Local green organisations are also involved.

Sacred groves lost

“The area faces a water crisis after destruction of forests and sacred groves,” said S. Guruvayurappan, coordinator, Wildlife Protection Society of India, who is helping to implement the project.

Sulochana’s daughter Sithara Hari, a government school teacher says the effort will return to the earth what it has given humans.

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