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Investigators have identified him as Murtuja Shekh of Jharkhand. His assistant has also been arrested.

A 28-year-old man, accused of robbery, was shot and killed on Monday in the Tamil Nadu Kancheepuram district, about 75 kilometers from Chennai, police said, after a dramatic search operation.

Investigators have identified him as Murtuja Shekh of Jharkhand. His assistant has also been arrested. Police claim that Shekh was “shot and killed in self-defense”. Armed with a knife and a pistol, he tried to kill a policeman.

On Sunday, police said, the 28-year-old and his assistant allegedly snatched a gold chain from a woman in

Sriperumbudur, near a lake. When his family members and the locals confronted them, one of them, carrying a gun, ran into the bushes. The police arrived quickly and blocked all the routes.

While a search operation was launched immediately, Assistant Aktar was arrested on Monday.

Police were still looking for Shekh, the accused key when he pounced on a policeman, Mohanraj, and attacked him with a knife.



“He also had a domestic-made pistol and he tried to kill the deputy inspector and that’s when the wounded officer shot him dead,” said Sathya Priya, Range DIG.

When asked if the police officer should have tried to immobilize him by shooting him below the knee, the superior officer said, “His life was in danger. He couldn’t have done it.”

Explaining the massive operation, Sathya Priya added: “We have deployed a large number of police personnel, including teams from neighboring Thiruvallur. Drones were even used. We cordoned off the entire area at night. ”

While human rights activists plan to address this issue after an investigative report from the ground, the first police encounter under the new DMK government comes amid the recent arrest of 3,325 murders charged in the state as part of the “Operation Disarm” in which 1,110 knives and firearms were seized, illegally acquired.


Henri Tiphagne, director of Peoples Watch, said: “Yesterday’s encounter in Sriperumpudur only demonstrates poor police preparation to shoot.

The defendants were captured at their home in Penalur and the encounter took place under the supervision of DIG. A meeting is not a solution for criminal occupations. ”

A finding from the fact-finding teams, he said, and “a detailed report would follow.”

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