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(Last Updated On: November 26, 2021)

Kindness is the key. And above all, to recognize such a direction. Oscar Rodriguez was elated when he received a surprise gift for kindness from superstar Dwayne Johnson. Well, Dwayne surprised us this time. Believe it or not, the actor gifted Oscar Rodriguez a black car as a symbol of his pride.

Dwayne took to Twitter. “It costs more than my truck. Kindness is important to me, so I thank Oscar Rodriguez for being nice to so many people. You say the right thing before you drive. Love is everything., my brother, only love. Enjoy your friend’s new car. DJ. ”

In the video, Dwayne Johnson makes a surprise appearance in the trailer for the film for which his film ‘Red Notice’ was screened.

Initially, the actor appeared in the audience, named Oscar Rodriguez. He added: “Nice to meet you. I moved when I heard you were a personal trainer. You are always kind, passionate and optimistic. And the leader of the Westside Church. “She said,” I help and support the food for abused women at home. It is an incredible job. Thank you for taking care of my 75 year old mother. ”

Then we see everyone coming out of the cinema. Soon after, Dwayne Johnson asked Oscar Rodriguez to follow him. The actor added, “I want to tell him soon.” Then the artist opened the front seat of the car and said, “I wrote a card for you. And “Brother, thank you for the service. Enjoy your new car.” Oscar Rodriguez fell in love with it and couldn’t believe the superstar would give him a truck.

Here is a video of the full interview between Dwayne Johnson and Oscar Rodriguez.

Fans and followers on Twitter filled the post with love. One user wrote: “With so much love and respect. It’s people like you who make the world a better place.”

Others said the performers’ actions made him unable to speak. “I respect you from the bottom of my heart,” he wrote.

One fan said, “It’s just one of the many things I love about you so much.”

In fact, Dwayne Johnson is helping the world become a better place with his positive attitude.

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