first dead for omicron in rajisthan
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

A 73-year-old man, who was diagnosed positive with the Omicron virus by genome mutation and diagnosed with the virus twice, died on December 31 in Udaipur hospital.

“Once he was diagnosed positive for Omicron, treatment, including any pre-existing conditions, followed the procedure,” Agarwal said.

R L Suman, director of Maharana Bhupal Hospital, said the man received both vaccines and was first tested for COVID-19 on December 14.

Udaipur Health and Welfare Director Dinesh Kharadi said the patient complained of fever, flu and cough before the test.

He added, “I was diagnosed the next day and was hospitalized on December 15, the same day. Then on December 21, I was retested for the coronavirus for 7 days and it came back bad. As a result, we transferred him from the Covid department to the ICU, ”Suman told The News Agencies.

first dead for omicron in rajisthan

“In the meantime, we received confirmation of the omicron distinction by the similarity of its structure on December 25th. As a precaution, I was tested for the coronavirus again in December. “It had been 25 months, but he didn’t come back well. we kept him locked up in the intensive care unit where he used the BiPap machine and he died on December 31, ”Suman said.

He said the patient suffered from “diabetes, hypothyroidism and high blood pressure.” And I haven’t had the Covid anytime soon. ”

Karadi considered the death to be “after a coronavirus infection”.

Suman said the hospital has so far seen four Omicron patients. Others said, “I did well and I was isolated.

The 74-year-old man survives on a wife, son, two daughters and grandchildren. In an interview with Indian Express, his 74-year-old son, 50, said: “His death devastated us because he was not seriously ill and used to travel. Gulab. Bagh. He has diabetes, but he’s not, he’s fine. ”

first dead for omicron in rajisthan

“She was coughing a little and had a fever at first and took medicine to cure her. First, he was taken to a private hospital, and on December 15, the RT PCR was successfully examined.

We separated him from us, but then he went to MBGH when his condition worsened. “Last name.

On December 31, 2007, the 70-year-old nurse retired as head nurse. “My mother also had symptoms similar to Corona and was hospitalized for five days in the same hospital, but unlike my father, he was not diagnosed with corona.” ,” he said.

“We are not busy with a lifestyle after 13 days. We trusted him a lot. When someone in their family or environment falls ill, they can help.

It hurts so much to lose him like that, ”the boy said. The 74-year-old was happy and the people of Udaipur said they would be very careful now.

Yogesh Vasita, the husband of BJP member Aarti Vasita in room 23, said, “He is the only Omicron patient in our church. After death, we ask people to stay home and only leave when needed.

We are also urging families here to keep the elderly at home due to the increased risk. ”

Meanwhile, Rajasthan had more than 5,000 Covid patients on Wednesday. Conditions have further increased in the state due to Jaipur suffering the most. As of January 1, there were 301 new cases of Covid-19, out of 192 cases in Jaipur.

As of January 5, the state had registered 1,883 new cases, out of 1,138 in Jaipur. Rajasthan also received 62 new Omicron patients on Wednesday, bringing the total to 236 in the state.

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