Stretch on Mysuru Road turns into battleground

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(Last Updated On: September 13, 2016)

Plumes of smoke emanated from either side of Mysuru Road, and parts of torched trucks littered the road.

The 3-km stretch between Nayandahalli and Kuvempu Nagar turned into a virtual battleground, with scattered mobs and roadblocks.

At New Timber Yard off Satellite Bus Station, flames reduced at least 17 trucks to a char. In their rounds around the area, the mob pushed their way to a godown where Tamil Nadu-registered trucks had been parked. From this yard, eight trucks were driven out to the roads and set ablaze. Selfies were taken, and the crowd burst into celebrations.

 Further down the road, four trucks and a cab were targeted at Nayandahalli Flyover. By evening, the mob targeted buses owned by a Tamil Nadu-based transport company, reducing at least 30 buses there to sinter.

Late in the afternoon, the police flagged down a T.N.-registered hatchback at Nayandahalli. Using their lathis, they removed the registration plate and scratched out a Tamil prayer that had been stuck to the windshield. The driver was asked to go. However, the moment he took the U-turn, a mob that was watching the charade from a distance descended on the cab. A man snatched the keys from the driver and got himself in. A few metres ahead, the cab was set on fire. These were impromptu mobs, fuelled by support from those gathered. For instance, under Deepanjali Metro Station, two bikes bearing T.N. registration plates were pulled from the parking lot, stoned and set on fire, to cheers.

There was no policeman to be seen on sight on the bylanes of Mysuru Road where the mob searched for T.N. vehicles. Much of the police force were centred around Satellite Bus Station where the mob had first targeted a restaurant. Rapid Action Force and city police attempted to disperse the mob that blocked the stretch for most of the afternoon, while fire fighters cordoned off the area. Between the blaze and the police, vehicles scrambled to head home.

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