Step by Step School Food Poisoning: School gets Notice for Misleading Officials

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(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

Step by Step school in Noida sent an email to guardians on Saturday asserting to have sent examples of food and water served to students last Thursday for testing, however the food safety and drug administration (FSDA) denied having gotten anything.

The FSDA had guaranteed on Friday it hadn’t discovered any examples of the food served to the students, which made huge numbers of them fall sick, amid its visit to the grounds. FSDA officer Sanjay Sharma had said the assessment group just returned with tests of ajwain and eatable oil, and didn’t discover whatever else, even in the dustbins.

The email from the school, sent late Friday night, said, “We are extremely anxious and keen to know the exact cause of this sudden outbreak and have sent food and water samples for investigation in the laboratory. The reports will take a few days to arrive and rest assured that we will respond to the findings immediately.”

In spite of the fact that the school has been speaking with guardians through messages, it is yet to turn out with any open proclamation. It, be that as it may, reacted to a question saying: “There was no distortion made by the school. The school has been giving steady data to the guardians and the experts and will keep on doing so. In the event that there was any disarray or miscommunication on part of the school that made recognition among the experts of not being given access, it is a mistake that we lament.”

Asked about the email in which the school claimed to have sent samples for testing, the food department denied having received any. “This is totally false,” said FSDA’s Sharma. City magistrate Mahendra Singh said the mail was an attempt to “mislead students”.

The education department has, meanwhile, sent a notice to the school asking it to clarify why it had denied any case on food poisoning on Thursday and merely said three students had suffered “minor injuries”. “The school has been asked to respond immediately on why it misled officials and resorted to lies. No response has come from the school so far. In case they do not reply and cooperate, we will write to the divisional commissioner to cancel its license,” district inspector of schools PK Upadhyay said.

As indicated by the health department, the aggregate number of students who fell debilitated in the wake of eating dinners at the school on Thursday is around 150. Step by Step school does not enable understudies to bring lunch or water from home and till Thursday gave food to them through Sodexo, an office headquartered in France. The school has crossed out Sodexo’s agreement after the students took sick.

Chief medical officer Anurag Bhargava said many students had complained of stomach ache after reaching home. “Many of them were referred to the hospitals in Noida, Ghaziabad and Delhi. There are also a number of cases in which children were taken to private clinics and hospitals near their homes,” he said.


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