Sanjay Kharb and Pranav Tiwari Hired as Vice Presidents of Engineering by Ola

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(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

In order to strengthen the core technology leadership Ola, the biggest cab-hailing startup of India has hired Sanjay Kharb and Pranav Tiwari as the vice presidents of engineering.

Pranav Tiwari who is an ex-Google employee and also the former CTO of Cellworks will focus on bringing in the required efficiencies in the supply chain function to optimise growth and profitability. Former Vice President of Product Engineering at InMobi, Sanjay Kharb has joined Ola as Vice President of Engineering Infrastructure and will assist in strengthening efficiencies in the technology infrastructure of the company.

In a release, Co-Founder and CTO of Ola, Ankit Bhati stated that, the company has invested consistently in consolidating supply chain, technology and developing a robust technological backbone by hiring world class talent. He also added that, both Sanjay’s and Pranav’s roles are essential and critical towards steering the company to its next growth phase. These people will bring in their experience and will play a huge role towards the company’s aspirations of creating innovative solutions that will assist in solving the varying mobility needs of India, he stated.

Recently, Ola has been making a lot of new appointments. Only in last week, the company had also appointed Dr Badri Raghavan as the chief data scientist of the company.

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