Etihad and Lufthansa Eyeing for a Merger coverage by Sanjeev Nanda

Report Says that Etihad and Lufthansa Eyeing for a Merger

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(Last Updated On: January 21, 2017)

According to an unsourced report, Etihad and Lufthansa are possibly looking at a merger opportunity. It is being stated that the management of both the companies are exploring the possibility of Etihad getting a stake of around thirty to forty percent in Lufthansa by selling new shares.

Both the companies would further explore the possibilities of a full-blown merger and are expected to meet shortly to expedite the process. It is expected that the merger between the 2 airlines would also impact Alitalia Italian airline 49% of which is owned by Etihad airlines.

Both the companies declined to comment anything on what they stated as “speculation”. A flight codesharing deal was signed between the 2 companies on December, 2016 where 38 crewed planes will be leased by Lufthansa from Air Berlin.

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