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(Last Updated On: October 20, 2021)

The Surya Kiran Indian Air Force (IAF) aerobatic team performed at an air show held at Rohegaon Air Force Base during an air show that was part of the celebration.

The team consists of 13 IAF fighter pilots and about 200 engineers. The team, whose motto is “always the best,” also demonstrated low-level aerobic exercise at the station. The figure created by the aircraft with a capsule of smoke in the air demonstrates its high flight capability.

“Accurate maneuvering and aerobatic variations require rigorous training and hundreds of hours of flight practice. This is done at speeds of 600-700 km / h, “said a team official.

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The crowd was fascinated by their rigorous maneuvers on their planes. They saw nine planes fly overhead in different directions and then meet at a distance of five meters.

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Audiences witnessed an aerial performance by the “Sarang” viewing team using an advanced “Dhruv” light helicopter. Participants were excited to see the helicopter intersection up close.

The famous IAF Air Devil’s parachute team jumped from an altitude of 8,000 feet. They land on hard surfaces without falling and show their extreme skills in skydiving.

Former IAF Air Force Commander, South Army Commander, Major JS Nain, and Senior IAF attended.

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