The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the ideological parent of the ruling BJP government at the Centre, on Sunday asked Hindu couples to produce more children.

At a convention for newly married couples, RSS worker Darpan said that “to keep our culture and civilisation alive then we must seriously and responsibly think about our fertility rates.”

He quoted RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s plea to mull over this issue “for the sake of society, our culture and our civilisation.”

A video about the purported population explosion of Muslims in Europe and elsewhere was shown to the gathering.

Mr. Darpan talked about “demographic change.”

“The fertility rate of the original inhabitants of France is 1.8 whereas the growth rate of another community is 8.1. It simply means that the original inhabitants of France would automatically disappear in the next 25 years and the other community would replace them as the main residents of France,” said Mr. Darpan, even as the slides being shown on the screen indicated Muslims as the “other community” which would soon take over France.

The video similarly talks about the “increasing population” of Muslims in Russia, Great Britain and Germany. “The fall in German population can no longer be stopped. The downward spiral can no longer be reversed…It will be a Muslim State by 2050,” claimed the data shown by the RSS.

Interestingly, the RSS chief did not answer a question posed by one woman participant: “From where will we feed more number of children from our limited resources.” Asked about the authenticity of the video, the RSS workers said it was “easily available on YouTube.”

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