pm modi security violence
(Last Updated On: January 6, 2022)

Serious security concerns and delays in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s hour prompted the Punjab police to conduct a thorough investigation. “I did not see such behavior from the police,” he said.

An MHA official said: “According to the Blue Book, the state police must be ready to provide emergency assistance to defenders in the event of an unfortunate incident, for example when the Prime minister visits the Punjab.

A senior Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said that despite reports of the protesters, the Punjab police did not respect the Red Book and did not plan a crackdown on the prime minister to be seen.

The Special Defense Forces (SPG) Blue Book provides security procedures to protect the prime minister.

An MHA official said: “According to the Blue Book, the state police must be ready to provide emergency assistance to defenders in the event of an unfortunate incident, such as when the prime minister went to meet Punjab. ”

He added that the police had called the Punjab Police and warned of any possible attack and believed the Punjab Police would protect all VIPs, he added.

pm modi security violence

Special Task Force (SPG) staff are close to the prime minister, while other security measures are regulated by the state. “If there is an immediate improvement, the state police will update the SPG and replace the VIP system accordingly,” the official added.

About 150 drone sightings have been recorded at the Punjab border with Pakistan in 2021, and many of those sightings have yet to be reported. Many drones were also equipped with tiffin bombs, grenades, pistols, and cash.

The MHA team is researching details of the evacuation, options, roofing, blockade and other security measures provided by the Punjab Police during the prime minister visit.

He added that “we are told to report that security does not work for intelligence organizations,” he added. On November 4, Punjabi police recovered a box of explosives hidden in an area near the Indo-Pakistan border in the Ferozepur region.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Ferozepur on Wednesday to lay the groundwork for several projects worth over Rs 42.75 billion.

The Interior Ministry was aware of the “major security breaches” and requested detailed information from the government of the Punjab. The state government has also called to account for the negligence and strict measures.

Ministry of Home Affairs said in a statement that Modi arrived in Batinda on Wednesday morning to catch a helicopter to the National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala.

Due to the rain and poor visibility, the Prime Minister waited about 20 minutes until the air was clear.

pm modi security violence

The report says that in case of bad weather we will visit the National Martyrdom Memorial Hall which will take over two hours. The Prime Minister continued his march after the Punjab DGP police confirmed the necessary security measures.

About 30 miles from the Husainiwala National Martyrs Memorial, the road was blocked by protesters as the Prime Minister Assembly reached the crossroads.

“It is a huge mistake for the safety of the president. The Prime Minister travel plans and itinerary were announced to the government of the Punjab in advance. As a general rule, appropriate transport and safety measures should be taken and contingency plans should be prepared. ”

“Given the state of emergency planning, the government of Punjab should provide additional security to prevent the obvious movement from sending. After the failure of the security situation, we decided to return to Batinda airport, ”he added.

Only the Punjab police know the Prime Minister’s path and say “no police evidence”.

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