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(Last Updated On: June 30, 2015)

Hosted by dynamic security expert Paul Viollis, every episode of “The Security Brief” begins with a dramatic true crime story filled with twists, turns, and reveals. Each edge-of-your-seat cautionary tale in this daily, one-hour talk show offers real-world solutions designed to help you protect yourself, your family, your relationships, your home, and your property. At once entertaining and empowering, “The Security Brief” is the ultimate daily survival guide for keeping America’s families safe.

Paul Viollis is a career law enforcement professional who rose from service in the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to roles as a security specialist under the United States Space Command and as a commanding officer at a Florida police academy. His business résumé includes being VP at the international security firm Kroll, where he served on their post-9/11 threat assessment team, and CEO of his current security firm. He is the author of “Jane’s Workplace Security“ and a contributor to ”Jane’s School Safety’s Handbook,“ ”Jane’s Teachers’ Safety Guide,“ and ”Jane’s Crisis Communications Handbook.” His latest book, “Silent Safety,” defines all the best practices for personal safety. An internationally known public speaker, Paul Viollis is also the host of “The Security Brief” podcast at CBS’s PLAY.ITnetwork.

The Security Brief will be taping Thursdays and Fridays. We tape on the upper east side of NYC. The morning shows are typically a 9amarrival time with a10am start and you will be done by noon the latest. The afternoon show is a bit longer because we are taping two shows. We will provide lunch. It is a noonarrival time with a 1:30pm start with the second show at 3pm and plan on being done at 5pm. All tickets are free!!!

We can book individual parties anywhere from 1 to 5 tickets. We can also book group tickets and they consist anywhere from 6-20 tickets. We count on our group to come in full number. Below is a list of dates that are available for the summer. We look forward to working with you and your party and seeing you soon at The Security Brief!

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