A national-level shooting champion has been arrested by the Delhi Police Special Cell for allegedly selling arms and ammunition to criminals in NCR and Uttar Pradesh.

The police suspect that of the 5,000 cartridges purportedly recovered from 35-year-old Mukarram Ali Khan, some were issued by the ports associations concerned for his shooting practice but, instead, he sold them off in the grey market.

Khan, a resident of Pul Prahladpur, procured ammunition from another shooter named Akshay who has an even better record than him, said the police.

“A haul of 5,000 cartridges of .22 bore, 500 hollow point, 30 empty cartridges of prohibited 9 MM and 33 empty cartridges of .325 bore have been recovered from his possession,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) P.S. Kushwah.

For some time, the police had been keeping a watch on the supply of ammunition and had conducted an in-house study that the ammunitions, unlike arms which are sourced from distant areas, were supplied from the Capital or nearby U.P. teams.

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