Former Union Minister and BJP leader Arun Shourie has described the Centre as a “one-man government,” a presidential form of government, without checks and balances.

In an interview broadcast by India Today channel on Friday, Mr. Shourie said the direction the government was taking under Mr. Modi’s supervision was “not good for India.” He compared Mr. Modi’s two years as Prime Minister “as a boxing match with everybody.” Mr. Modi, he added, “hasn’t had the focus we expected of him.” One of the problems was that the Prime Minister was “getting inputs from very few people.”

‘Polarising move’

Mr. Shourie said there was a clear line of logic or theme that linked ghar-wapsi, love jihad, beef bans, the return of awards, the campaign against anti-nationalism, the focus on ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and student protests. These were “deliberately orchestrated by the government” with the intention to create “confrontation and polarisation.” Mr. Modi was deliberately dividing India through a policy of “divide and rule.”

While accepting that under Mr. Modi’s rule corruption at the Centre had diminished or disappeared, Mr. Shourie said that nothing was deliberately done about corruption in the States.

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