A 15-year-old boy from the State was allegedly beaten to death by two juveniles in East Delhi’s Mayur Vihar on Wednesday.

Booking the minors in a murder case, the police said the accused beat to death the boy, Rajat Krishnan Menon, whose family hails from Palakkad, to avenge a prank.

Rajat’s friends, who were with him at the time of the incident, however, told their families that the juveniles accused them of shoplifting from their kiosk and demanded the missing objects.

Around 5 p.m., Rajat and his two friends were waylaid by the accused near the kiosk in the Mayur Vihar Phase –III market, said the father of one of the three boys.

“They were returning on Rajat’s two-wheeler after playing snooker. While they were crossing the road where the kiosk stands, two juveniles with whom he had got into a minor scuffle some days back, caught hold of the group and an argument ensued,” he said.

The incident

The duo first demanded that the trio return the article they had shoplifted. “At this, my son and his friends tried to explain that they had not taken anything and it was another friend of theirs who had. The kiosk boys then took them to that friend’s house and thrashed him but he denied having stolen anything,” said the father.

Five of them then left the house and proceeded to return. However, the accused got enraged over repeated denials. “My son saw them thrashing Rajat as they walked and when they reached near a park in the area, Rajat collapsed. Both his friends, including my son, panicked and tried to pour water on him. When that did not work, they returned to the homes to inform us what had happened. That was the last time they saw Rajat with the other boys,” he said.

When his friends left the scene, the two juveniles first took Rajat to a private clinic where the doctors declared him dead and then to Metro hospital where again he could not be admitted. Finally, Rajat was taken to the Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital where doctors confirmed that he was dead. Back home, Rajat’s family members were looking for him when they received a call from the LBS doctor. The matter was reported to the police. As the news spread, there was backlash from an angry crowd which set the kiosk afire on Thursday evening.

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