(Last Updated On: January 7, 2022)

Tirthanand Rao took poison and attempted to kill himself. The actor has worked with Kapil Sharma on Comedy Circus Ke Ajoobe in few years back.

Actor and comedian Tirthanand Rao, who worked with Kapil Sharma on the comedy circus Ke Ajoobe, attempted suicide over financial and family issues. On the evening of 27th December, he was poisoned and hospitalized.

Tirthanand said in an interview that he had not spoken to her in years, even though his family lived in the same house. He also explained that he suffered financial hardship without paying for much of the show.

Tirthanand Rao Actor And Comedian Commit Suicide

Tirthanand told News Agencies, “I was poisoned and I was seriously ill. I was in financial trouble and my family left me.

When I went to the hospital, my mom and my brother hadn’t seen me yet. Even though I was in the same complex, my family did not speak to me.

They don’t pay for my treatment either. Even after leaving the hospital, I was alone. What could be worse than that?

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