(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)

Jet Airways flight 9W 2374 skidded from the runway at Dabolim airport at Calangute in Goa while aligning itself on the runway before takeoff. It was carrying 161 passengers, including seven crew members who were on-board the plane. The flight was scheduled to travel from Goa to Mumbai, early this morning. Fortunately for all convcerned, no one was seriously injured although some passengers were seen lying on stretchers – the front wheels mechanism of the aircraft collapsed during the mishap. Jet Airways in a statement stated that all passengers have been evacuated and moved to safety. The airline said, “All guests and crew have been safely evacuated. Few guests have sustained injuries during the evacuation process.” It has been reported that 15 passengers sustained injuries in the incident and have been taken to nearest hospitals.

This incident took place in the darkness around 5 AM. The Jet Airways flight arrived from Dubai and was Mumbai-bound. The moment it was about to take off, it slipped off the runway and went for a 360 degrees spin. During the evacuation process, the aircraft tilted forward and, as mentioned by an eyewitness, it triggered panic among the passengers. Navy sources in a statement to The Indian Express said, 15 people have suffered minor injuries and fractures in this mishap, however a major accident was averted. In their first reactions, some passengers felt they were privileged to be still alive, some were angry with the Jet Airways officials, while others were annoyed with the media.

Check out the horror-filled reactions of the passengers:

A passenger named Abhishek said, “Situation was critical; nobody is helping, authority is not giving answers; Don’t know what to do.”Jet Airways Goa- Sanjeev Nanda

Another passenger unhappy with the authorities said, “After incident took place,there was no one till 20-25 minutes. After that we saw some cars, they too took around 10 minutes.”

A stranded passenger at the Goa airport furiously said, “Media makes it look like it’s nothing but it was terrible; engine exploded, could’ve died; going to complain.”

A person named Rajeev tweeted, “@jetairways Kudos to your team, Goa Airport authorities & @indiannavy for prompt safety measures taken on time.”

In yet another aviation tragedy averted today, an Indigo and SpiceJet planes came face-to-face at the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport in Delhi – only a few metres separated them when they came to a stop.

Source: FinancialExpress

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