(Last Updated On: November 5, 2016)

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has recovered well and is very much satisfied with the treatment provided by Apollo Hospitals, said its Chairman Prathap C. Reddy, here on Friday.

The Hindu reported on Thursday that the Chief Minister would be moved to a private room from the Critical Care Unit (CCU), and indicated she would be discharged soon.

Dr. Prathap Reddy made the statements on the sidelines of a function to launch a text book on medicine, authored by doctors practising at the hospital.

Ms. Jayalalithaa was admitted on September 22 for complaints of fever and dehydration.

Since then the hospital has been issuing bulletins at irregular intervals on the treatment provided and the progress she has made.

“All that I can say very clearly is that she is very satisfied. If you understand what I mean by very satisfied… that she has completely recovered. She understands what is going on around her and in every respect she and her attendants are very happy that she has come back and is able to monitor the progress [in her health],” Dr. Reddy said.

“I believe whatever has been done is not just by one doctor or one hospital but a combined effort of teams of doctors, who have made this excellent progress in managing the health of our dear Chief Minister.”

The hospital “has done some part but millions of people across the nation prayed for her.” “I think all those prayers also helped in the recovery of the health of our Chief Minister.”

On how she was responding to treatment, he said: “She is completely aware of what’s happening, asks and demands what she wants; and I believe everybody and even she is looking forward to when she will go home and take the reins [of the government]. I am really very happy with the progress and I am sure [this is due] to the contribution of the entire team, the nursing, the other back-up team. They have all done a fantastic job. We have given her the world’s best healthcare facility for her to make a remarkable recovery.”

To a question on when she would be discharged, he said, “When she will recover, when she will come home is all dependent on her now. We will carry on. The most important part of the treatment has been very successful. She is completely under control. She controls the nurses and the doctors around, what she should do and what they should do. We are very happy to say that she is well. When she will go home is a decision to be made by her and we will coordinate all the processes.”

He praised “the entire team from Apollo and the doctors who visited from AIIMS and England” saying “all of them have given their very best.”

To a question on why he believed that the CM would be allowed to make a decision on going home, he said: “You know her nature. She understands herself very well. She will ask herself very soon when am I going home. It is a pleasant thing to say that she is completely aware of what is going on. It [discharge] may not be too long.”

Source: The Hindu

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