(Last Updated On: January 6, 2016)

CHANDIGARH, Jan 04: They have played with energy and passion against India on Indian soil, winning many a game for Pakistan in the bargain. But this time, the Pakistani stars are here to rub shoulders with their Indian counterparts. And judging by their words, they are all prepared to give off their best for their respective teams so as to justify the faith reposed and money spent by the IHF and the organisers.

Rehan Butt, who has tormented the Indians more than once in recent times, sees this as a great opportunity for him to play with the Indians. “Last year, I missed the bus due to my marriage, but I am happy to be here for the second edition. Playing with players like Dhanraj, Gagan and Dilip will be an experience,” said Rehan.

Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Saqlain said: “The Indians are interesting characters on the field. They are quite surprising on their moves and deceptive too. It’s always interesting to watch them play. And PHL gave me a chance to play with them.”



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