(Last Updated On: January 6, 2016)
CHENNAI/NEW DELHI: Tamil Nadu CM J Jayalalithaa along with SP general secretary Amar Singh addressed the press in Chennai on Thursday after the latter sought support as part of his attempt to garner support of non-Congress state governments against the “undesirable acts emanating from the extra-constitutional power centre located at 10, Janpath”.Condemning the tapping of the personal telephone of Amar Singh, Jayalalithaa termed the act as “most disgraceful and a serious issue which clearly violated the basic guarantee of freedom of speech and right to life enshrined in the Constitution”.Senior government officials did not rule out the ‘phone-tapping’ case being referred to the CBI, but this may well depend on the exact sequence of events that led to the tapping and the level of official complicity.

When asked on Thursday whether he would be speaking to the Left on the ‘phone-tapping’ issue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh remained noncommittal.

Demanding an impartial inquiry and detailed investigation to uncover the conspiracy behind the tapping episode, Jayalalithaa said it was time the Centre owned up responsibility…

She said: “Amar Singh has furnished solid proof that the Centre has organised the tapping of the telephone of an opposition political leader.”

Raising concern over the emergence of a “web of insidious surveillance” which kept sensitive information at the beck and call of private phone companies, Jayalalithaa said this could well be extended to scientists and sensitive defence-related institutions.

“What this means is that a private telecom company will have access to sensitive information at its beck and call. Can there be a more serious danger to national security than this?” she wondered.


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