NEW DELHI: Government may lower its expectations from the current round of WTO negotiations to end the stalemate at present, without compromising its stand regarding protecting interests of the country’s farmers.

Commerce ministry officials said there was an opinion in certain quarters that the WTO members should settle for a lower reduction in domestic support in the developed countries like the US and seek greater level of subsidy reduction in the next round of negotiations.

This move is expected to help countries like India as it will also not be required to cut its import duties as significantly as has been demanded. This will protect Indian farmers from imports from countries like the US and the EU and would therefore be politically easier.

In return India can hope to get more commitments from the other WTO members on the export of industrial products under the non-agricultural market access negotiations.

“It suits India’s defensive interests in agriculture and could open the doors for Indian services and industrial product exports to other countries,”said an official.




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