Govinda and his nephew Krushna Abhishek have ironed out their differences. Recently, they were at loggerheads when Govinda chose to make an appearance on Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, instead of Krushna’s. He also openly criticised his nephew for passing derogatory comments on him on his show. But they have now buried the hatchet. It was Govinda’s wife Sunita who was instrumental in bringing them together. Krushna informs, “Sunita mami called me over to their house. Chi Chi mama saw me and laughed. I met them after six months. He said that he wanted me to draw the line when it came to comedy and that I shouldn’t be taking digs at him on my show. I replied that I never have nor will I ever make derogatory remarks about him.
I apologised to him for hurting his feelings. Everything is sorted now; it just needed a meeting to sort out our differences. We are partying together on Saturday at his place. We are close and I have stayed with mama and mami for six years. I am emotionally attached to my mami.” So, does that mean he will consciously refrain from making the mama-bhanja comment on his shows? “After so many years, I’m known as Govinda’s nephew and don’t have to harp on it. I have promised Chi Chi mama that I will ensure that nothing, even partially unflattering, is written about him in the script. But I have also told him that I would be helpless if other guests talk about my relationship with him, which they tend to,” he replies. This development has also led to the possibility of Govinda appearing on Krushna’s ‘Comedy Nights Live’ soon. “Kapil delivered just 50 per cent of the content I could with Govinda as I know the family like the back of my hand. I will not just invite him, mami and their daughter Tinaa, but also my sister Arti (Singh) and cousin Ragini Khanna,” he reveals.

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