AHMEDABAD: On the day BJP made Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s BA and MA degrees public, the Mirror gained access to the marks scored by the PM in individual exam papers of both MA Part 1 and Part 2.

The information gives an interesting insight into the subjects that the PM was good at and the ones where his academic performance was at its ebb.
It may be a little difficult to digest this, but the PM he scored the lowest – 48 marks – in the ‘International Relations’ exam and excelled in the ‘Political Analysis’ exam. That might be why the PM has been travelling so extensively and working hard to develop ties with foreign countries – to compensate for his dismal performance in the subject.

In 2015 alone, Modi undertook a whirlwind tour of 26 countries and this year, he completed a three-nation tour of Belgium, Saudi Arabia and the US. Soon after the 2014 Lok Sabha poll results that earned the BJP-led NDA government a spectacular victory, Prime Minister Modi invited the heads of all the SAARC countries for his oath-taking ceremony. This was seen as a positive diplomatic signal to the global community.


On May 1, Mirror revealed that Modi was an above average student and that he secured a first class as a post-graduate student of political science. The official record of MA Part 1 external examination (July, 1981), issued by Gujarat University shows that Modi (seat number 4250) scored 237 out of 400 marks. He scored 61, 48, 60, and 68 marks, in Paper I, II, III and IV respectively, of MA-Part 1 that comprised ‘Indian Politics’, ‘International Relations’, ‘Recent Political Thoughts’ and ‘Comparative Politics’.

In MA Part 2 Modi scored 262 out of 400 marks. In MA-Part 2 (April 1982), the PM scored 64, 62, 69 and 67 marks respectively in papers V, VI, VII and VIII namely ‘European and Social Political Thoughts’, ‘Modern India’, ‘Political Analysis’, and ‘Concept Tools/Political, Psychological, Social’. The PM scored 499 out of 800 in the combined MA Part 1 and Part 2 papers, which earned him a first class.

modi marksheet

While the MA Part 1 record shows his name as ‘Modi Narendrakumar Damoderdas’, the MA Part 2 record drops ‘Kumar’ from his name. Dr Mahesh Patel, in-charge vice-chancellor, Gujarat University, said, “Earlier, it was common for men to prefix their names with a ‘Kumar’. Sometimes, they dropped it. It is possible that the PM may have chosen to write his name as just ‘Narendra’ in the form he filled for MA Part 2 exam.” He added, “Gujarat University only has the official record sheet of marks scored by the students. Every year, lakhs of students graduate from the university and it is impossible to store hard copies of documents of all the students. So, other documents are destroyed after some time due to space constraints.”

 Former Gujarat University VC Parimal Trivedi said, “In 2010, the Chief Minister’s Office had sought Modi’s duplicate degree certificate. We had issued the same to them and his degree certificate bears ‘Duplicate’ on it.” He added, “Students who apply for a degree certificate ahead of September’s convocation ceremony are given certificates signed by the chancellor. Another convocation is held every March for the late applicants. Their degree certificates bear the vice chancellor’s signature.”

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