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DELHI: Is he just a disgruntled customer or is there some truth in Masood Pracha’s allegations? The Daryaganj resident has claimed in an FIR that the high-profile Cibo bar in Connaught Place’s Hotel Janpath is a pick-up joint. The matter gains significance because the owner of the establishment is a renowned fashion designer Rohit Bal.

According to his FIR, a copy of which is with MiD DAY, Masood had gone to the bistro on the night of October 22. “He said that he went to Cibo at around 1 am. He paid Rs. 2000 for a drink but before he could consume it, the manager of the bar Subroto Das asked him to leave.

Masood objected saying that why was he served liquor worth Rs. 2000 if the bar had to be closed. But the manager did not listen to him. When Masood insisted on finishing his drink inside the bar, he was beaten up and thrown out by the management,” said a police source.

Masood also alleged that the girls offering drinks to the customers were making suggestive gestures. He also claims that there was an assemblage of girls outside the establishment and it seemed like a pick-up joint.

The police source said that after Masood was thrown out, he made a call to the PCR in this regard and has now alleged that cops did not take action on his complaint. Sources said that it was an interesting fact that the complainant visited the bar four to five times after the incident and called the PCR each time when he found the bar open.

“The second time, when I found the bar open at around 1.30 a.m., I called the police. However, the cops who arrived there were served liquor by the bar officials and they shared drinks together. The proof of their actions can be obtained from the CCTV footage of the bar. Police officials assured me that they would talk to senior officers about possible action against the bar management but nothing happened,” Masood’s FIR says.

He has also alleged that on October 31 he found some girls serving liquor at the bar who were also making provocative gestures towards customers. According to his complaint, this time when he left the bar he was chased by employees of the establishment and was again beaten up.

“A Scorpio bearing number plate UPF0069 overtook my car. Employees of the bistro were travelling in it. Some goons got off the car and broke my vehicle’s windowpane. They beat me up, snatched my gold chain and threatened me of dire consequences if I came back to the bar again,” alleged the complainant.

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