(Last Updated On: August 17, 2021)

The Supreme Court is hearing a petition calling for an investigation into the Pegasus spyware scandal.

The government said today that when the Supreme Court heard a petition calling for a full investigation of the Pegasus spyware scandal, it “had nothing to hide from the court.” The court issued a notice to the center stating that the government should respond to allegations of the use of Israeli spyware on personal mobile phones, adding that only after receiving a response from the center will it decide to establish a committee to investigate these allegations.

“We don’t want national security to be compromised, but people’s mobile phones have been attacked according to their claims. Only the competent authorities can respond to this,” Judge Suryakonde said.

The Supreme Court agreed with the government’s chief prosecutor, Tushar Mehta, that it would not require the disclosure of confidential information to the public.

“…We don’t want to harm national security or interfere with the Ministry of Defense’s agreement. We won’t ask you to disclose… but the problem is simple. The people here proposed to intercept “their call happened, this can be Completed under the permission of the competent authority. So what is the problem with the competent authority submitting the affidavit to us without compromising national security and national defense? “The Supreme Court said.

Mr. Mehta had opposed the publication of the facts of the Pegasus case in the public domain on grounds of national security.

“All petitions demand one thing: the Supreme Court investigation. Yesterday, they asked them only if they wanted the government to answer whether they used Pegasus. This software was purchased by all countries. But it has never been used by any country. National security reasons are disclosed,” Mehta said.

“We have nothing to hide from the court. We will submit everything to the committee set up by the court. But it cannot be issued by an affidavit. Tomorrow, the portal will say that military resources are being used illegally. Let us have a committee and we will all Submit the information to him,” Mehta said.

Kapil Sibal, who appeared in the Association of Indian Publishers and reporters N Ram and Sashi Kumar, said: “We also don’t want national security to be compromised. We only want the government to answer whether to use Pegasus.”

The matter will be heard again in 10 days.

Pegasus’ allegations dominated the fierce confrontation between the government and the opposition, leading to multiple interruptions and chaos in the monsoon parliamentary meeting.

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