Coca Cola Looking Forward to a New Venture by Launching Coconut Water

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(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)

Coca Cola is preparing to bring in packaged coconut water in India because of increasing consumer preference towards non-sugary drinks.

Coke has already started test marketing ‘Zico’ which is a coconut water brand from the U.S. acquired in late 2013. Packaged coconut water is among the fastest growing beverage categories in the world and the deal has provided the company, the top position in the segment.

Apart from importing the product, Coke is testing it in 2 Indian markets, according to officials who are aware of the development. One of the officials stated that, though brands like these are the niche but Cola has to prepare the decks and hedge bets as the backlash on cola consumption and health activism is gaining ground in India.

In an email seeking a comment, a Coca-Cola spokesperson did not respond.

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