(Last Updated On: January 4, 2022)

China bridges Pangong Construction: India and China have been at an impasse along the LAC in eastern Ladakh for more than 20 months.

According to satellite images by intelligence expert Damien Symon, China is Construct a bridge on the northern and southern shores of Pangong Tso.

In a tweet, Symon reported satellite images confirming that China is in the process of building a bridge between the two banks of Pangong Tso and is nearing completion.

“#PangongTso News agencies reports that a new bridge is being built to connect the north and south of the lake, which will improve access to the Chinese military zone, and GEOINT the region will monitor the location and progress of the model. Simon said in a tweet.

china build bridge

China is reportedly building the road not only in Daulat Beg Oldie (DBO), but also in the Pangong Tso region.

The development took place as the Indian and Chinese armies strengthened in the region in the ongoing conflict between the two armies.

According to some news agencies reports, more than 60,000 soldiers of the Human Liberation Army (PLA) have been deployed on Indian territory in eastern Ladakh.

The Indian military also has a strong presence in the region and deploys counterterrorism forces, including the Rashtriya Rifles (RR), according to the LAC.

India and China have been imprisoned for more than 20 months in Latin America. The two sides held several political and military meetings, but failed to reach an agreement.

In December, Symon released satellite images showing PLA military developments across Sikkim. With the help of satellite imagery, he argued, China is strengthening its position of PLA as a new base close to its borders through regular internships and internships, including road construction / renovation. , the deployment of large troops, etc.

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