The BSES discoms — BRPL and BYPL — have agreed to pay dues to State-run power generation company NTPC by September, but the threat of electricity supply being curtailed is likely to return during the winter. On May 4, the NTPC had asked BSES to pay dues or face 100 per cent curtailment in power supply, which would have led to major outages across the city.

Senior officials told that despite implementing the proposed payment schedule, the two BSES discoms will have around Rs. 400 crore to pay to the NTPC.

“Instead of paying 100 per cent of the amount payable, BSES discoms have agreed to pay 111 per cent. This includes ongoing monthly payment, apart from the dues. Even after that, the discoms will have a payment of two months left towards NTPC. But, at least for the next four months, there is not going to be a major power issue in the Capital,” said a senior official. Generally, the NTPC gives 60 days time as credit limit for discoms to make payments. However, in this case, BSES did not make payments for four months, as a result of which the dues went up to Rs. 1,300 crore.

Confirming the payment schedule, an NTPC official said: “A complete review of the payment status will be done in October, once the time limit promised by BSES is over.”

Explaining how it plans to repay the dues, a BSES official said: “Discoms earn the highest revenue during summers. Power consumption begins to spike from May and continues till September, so the billed amount is higher. This is how we will be able to repay dues.”

In its letter to the Executive Director (Commercial) of NTPC, the BSES said: “In view of the outcome of the meeting facilitated by the Hon’ble Delhi Commission (DERC), NTPC had deferred the regulation of power to BRPL vide its letter dated 09.05.2016. Thereafter, BRPL had proposed a payment schedule liquidating outstanding dues to NTPC till Sept. 16.”

Referring to the final meeting convened on the matter by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) on May 16, the BSES added: “During the meeting, NTPC informed the Hon’ble Delhi Commission about the settlement regarding the payment schedule, and BRPL confirmed the same. In view of the above amicable settlement arrived at BRPL and NTPC, we understand that the Regulation Notice dated 04.05.2016, which was deferred by NTPC’s communication dated 09.05.2016, stands withdrawn.”

According to the Delhi government, BSES Rajdhani (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) have also agreed to make partial payments to other stakeholders in the city’s power sector. “So far, there has been no solution on the dues. But, the discoms have been directed by the Supreme Court to regularly pay 70 per cent of the monthly capped amount to the Delhi Transco Limited, State generation companies – Indraprashta Power Generation Company Ltd., Pragati Power Corporation Limited — and the Power Grid Corporation of India,” said an official from the Power Department.

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