Azam Khan stokes controversy, says Paris terror attacks due to actions of global superpowers

Lucknow: Senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan has stoked a controversy by saying that Paris terror attacks were the result of the action of global superpowers like America and Russia.

He also said that history would decide who was a terrorist, as per various media reports.

Speaking at a public meeting in Uttar Pradesh, Khan said that he condemned the terror attacks in Paris but at the same time attacks on oil-bearing countries by America and Russia were also condemnable.

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He accused global superpowers of destroying Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran in the attacks.

The UP minister reportedly went on to say that it must be seen as to who killed innocents first and who retaliated and emphasised that whoever killed innocent people were wrong.

“Cities like Paris are prosperous due to money earned from illegally occupying oil reserves in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran,” Khan was quoted by ANI as saying.

Slamming Khan, BJP’s Sidharth Nath Singh told the media “Azam Khan’s statement on Paris attacks is highly condemnable. He is a senior leader, should refrain from such comments.”

“We request Akhilesh Yadav to come out in open condemning statement of Azam Khan and take strict action against him,” he added.

He also tweeted: “Azam Khan’s comment on Paris attacks shames India and weakens fight against terror. No one should justify terrorism.”

On the other hand, Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit said, “While blaming USA for its policies, wonder why Azam Khan forgot to blame Saudi Arabia? Also, no justification for Paris attacks.

Meanwhile, French warplanes pounded Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold in retaliation for a wave of coordinated attacks claimed by the jihadists which left 129 people dead in Paris, as per AFP.

President Francois Hollande has denounced the Paris attacks – the worst in the country’s history – as an “act of war” and vowed to hit back against Islamic State “without mercy”.

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