The repercussions of getting into Salman’s bad books are rather difficult to handle. There have been many examples in the past, but the latest one to have rubbed the ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood the wrong way (unintentionally though, or so he claims) is singer Arijit Singh. The extremely talented singer, who is the flavour of the season, has released an open letter to Salman pleading him to retain his version of the song , which Salman later allegedly got recorded by another playback singer and removed Arijit’s version from his next biggie, ‘Sultan’.
The singer has mentioned in the letter how he has been texting and calling him to apologies for (unintentionally) doing something at a recent concert that left Salman furious. The superstar supposedly felt insulted and seems to have vowed not to forgive Arijit if the grapevine is to be believed. The singer further states that he, at every occasion, tried his best to make the superstar understand what had gone wrong that unfortunate night and even tried clearing his stance when he met Salman at Nita Ambani’s party too but Salman refused to pay any heed to his ‘please’ and ‘sorry’.

The singer himself sounds confused and puzzled and couldn’t believe that he is writing to Salman and apologising to him on a public platform, and even deleted the post later. Whatever the case, we hope that the two let bygones be bygones and bury the hatchet.
Although the singer has already deleted the letter from his official Facebook account, his latest post on reads, “I hope he gets my letter through someway. Ps. This whole thing will backfire at me I know. Prayers..”


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