(Last Updated On: November 29, 2021)

Amazon received an injunction last year from a Singapore judge alleging that Future violated a contract banning the sale of its assets to companies, including Trust.

Amazon has asked the trust executives to withdraw their approval of Future Sales’s sale of $ 3.4 billion in merchandise to Reliance, which it called “illegal.”

According to a letter sent by Amazon.com Inc to the Competitiveness Board of India (CCI) last week, the license is “legally due” because judicial review also applies.


The battle between two of the world’s richest people, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Reliance Industries CEO Mukesh Ambani dominates India with a dominance of the booming retail competition of nearly trillion dollars.

In the battle for the distribution of the future, the second largest retailer in India, the winner will be Amazons and their neighbors, who will take the lead in meeting the daily needs of more than 1 billion people.

CCI, Amazon, Future Group and Reliance did not respond to requests for comment. The trial court later ruled that the trial had not been postponed, but the Indian court refused to go back.

If regulators approve the previously unannounced letter, it could be a major setback for huge telecommunications giant Reliance.

Last year, Amazon received an injunction from a Singapore judge, accusing it of violating a contract that protected the Future by selling its assets to companies, including Faith.


But the CCI later cleared the deal.

Amazon said in a statement Wednesday that Future had violated the ICC and continued to push for ratification of the agreement, accusing the decision of “an unfair attempt to overturn the law.” Amazon has requested a private hearing with CCI to clarify this.

The battle letter claims that Amazon compromised the facts and withheld the information while seeking a deal through its 2019 deal with the Future Group.

Amazon has now successfully used this deal to block future transactions with Reliance.

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