1 Dead, 5 Children Fall ill in Chittorgarh after Consuming Mid-Day Meal

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(Last Updated On: April 12, 2018)

According to reports by ANI, one child has died and 5 fell sick after consuming a mid-day meal in Chittorgarh city of Rajasthan. The children have been taken to a hospital where they are being treated. It is not known if all the students are out of danger.

In a recent incident, students of Step by Step school in Noida sector 132 fell sick after consuming food served in the school last Thursday. Soon after eating breakfast of ajwain parantha and lassi, several students complained of stomach ache and vomited. The students took ill because of food poisoning.

Seven students were hospitalized in Noida and Delhi whereas the rest of the students were taken home by their parents. A spokesperson for Jaypee Hospital said that the five students, who were admitted and treated for food poisoning, were out of danger and had been taken home by their parents.

While the health department and the district administration officials were unable to get food samples for testing, the school said that food samples are always maintained for 72 hours, for a quality check. Despite this claim, the samples were not provided to district officials. The school had earlier stated that it sent food samples to independent labs of international repute.

The services of the private canteen operator, Sodexo, had been suspended, school officials said. Meanwhile, the school has also sent an email to parents, answering their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and addressing concerns. The questions were compiled by a parents’ association after they received several queries from worried parents.

The Step by Step school administration has asked students to carry their own food until further notice, as 190 fell sick after allegedly consuming the food served in the school last Thursday.

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